# Installation

# Environment

  • JDK 1.8 or higher
  • Gradle/Maven build configuration

You can install via CLI or Build tool

# Start new Gradle project Jiny CLI

# Install Jiny CLI

For Unix (Linux/macOS) users, run:

curl -o /usr/local/bin/jiny https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tuhuynh27/jiny/master/cli/binaries/macos/jinycli
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/jiny

For Windows users, please download the .exe file here(opens new window) .

# Run

Run and follow the CLI's instruction, after finish you will have a Gradle Java Project with Jiny included


# Build tool

I don't know Gradle, how to start with it?

Gradle(opens new window) is a build tool for multi-language software development. It controls the development process in the tasks of compilation and packaging to testing, deployment, and publishing. Gradle is similar to Apache Ant/Apache Maven in term of Java build tools.

First, let's install Gradle.

If you're on Mac, with brew(opens new window) simply run:

brew install gradle
mkdir newproject && cd newproject
gradle init

If you're on Windows, with choco(opens new window) simple run:

choco install gradle
mkdir newproject && cd newproject
gradle init

And then you have a Gradle build template with build.gradle file in your project directory newproject.


dependencies {
    compile group: 'com.jinyframework', name: 'core', version: '0.3.3'

# Maven Project